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Soft as Snowflakes

Pleasant Hill Farm

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When shifting sand dunes smother Singapore, Michigan, Bonnie Lyle flees from one calamity after another until she falls into the arms of an eye-catching lumberjack, Stephen Bernard. From the moment the pert Miss Lyle walked into the Douglas Basket Factory, Stephen knew he must woo her. When he watches Bonnie lead her fellow mill girls to confront the licentious Boss Man, Stephen learns of Bonnie's feisty nature. Soon, Bonnie discovers Stephen's yearning to establish a flower and fruit tree nursery matches her passion to stitch blossoms on quilt blocks. When Bonnie accompanies an elderly woman to Baltimore, her affections are confused by a dashing young lawyer. But the pull of Lake Michigan returns her heart to the lumberjack who longs to make the world a more beautiful place.

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